Cinnamon Roll Can Explodes In Man's Butt During Shoplifting Incident

on Apr, 25 2016 in Satire 1022096 views



A Las Vegas man was arrested after an altercation with a Walmart security guard, which caused the cinnamon roll lodged in his anus to explode. Reportedly he and his partner had taken breakfast items into the bathroom, where they remained for 20 minutes. When they emerged they were approached by the security guard, and that’s when things turned ugly.


When Klein was approached by a Las Vegas Police Officer after he witnessed the two men enter the restroom, Klein told his partner to find his mother in the front of the store. “I asked Mr. Klein to show me the items he had taken into the restroom,” said Officer Michael Jones. “Mr. Klein denied taking any items into the restroom and then he walked away toward the front of the store. I followed him as he met up with the other person he was there with."



"I grabbed Mr. Klein and that’s when his friend squeezed KY Jelly in my face. KY got all in my eyes and on the floor. I attempted to grab Mr. Klein and that’s when both of us fell. I fell on top of him and that is when I heard a loud popping noise. Mr. Klein screamed loudly and then fluid starting running from his backside. It was so disgusting but at least I caught the suspect.”


Maybe next time he thinks about sticking something where it does not belong. Until then he can enjoy cinnamon farts for the next of couple weeks while he sits in jail. Where you as dumbfounded as we were? Let us know in the comments section.